Song Crush: Darwin Deez – “Radar Detector”



Although I was a pretty big fan of the Creaky Boards back in the day (up until they accused Coldplay of plagiarizing their jams, which got weird), I’m rather new to guitarist Darwin Deez‘s latest body of work.


The Napoleon Dynamite-esque band leader’s indie pop songs swirl just enough awkwardness over the top of cutie-pie hooks to  make them tolerably infectious. Case in point, “Radar Detector.”

Song Crush: Kings of Leon – “Comeback Story”



I remember listening to Kings of Leon for the first time in 2003, when a promo copy of Youth & Young Manhood peaked out from a stack of records that were discarded on my tiny desk in the intern wing of Geffen Records. I carried the disc over to the mailroom, popped it into the stereo, and immediately fell captive to the incoherent howl that flooded the speakers. Over the years, KoL has had their fair share of ups and Only by the Nights, but  the Followill brothers’ latest release certainly tells a “Comeback Story.”

Song Crush: Billie Joe & Norah – “Oh So Many Years”


BillieNorah_WE1Before the birth of their Everly Brothers‘ homage, Foreverly, the only time I imagined the possibility of a Norah Jones/Billie Joe Armstrong collaboration was that one time I was hired to DJ a bachelorette party at my neighborhood Applebee’s. I managed to tread through the dark waters of Top 40 singles, pink feather boas fashioned around the hips of light wash jeans, and cookieritas for just over two hours before I decided to close out the set (and subsequently my DJ career) with a few pop experiments.


There are several lessons I learned during that ill-fated evening, including:

1) No matter how much newfound knowledge the cookierita tries to instill in a human being, Katy Perry, Steven Tyler, and Tyler Perry are not “sort of linguistically-related, in a cosmic way” and therefore, should never coexist in the same sonic space.

2) Pop mashups are pretty much the worst.

3) Unexpected musical collaborations can be surprisingly awesome. Case in point, Billie Jones Armstrong.

Although there are several little gems on Foreverly, “Oh So Many Years” is one of my favorites.

Song Crush: Broken Bells – “Holding On For Life”


I’ve been harboring this secret for about ten years now, so I think it’s about time to come clean…
I think I might have a crush on James Mercer.

He’s like a good-looking science fiction author, or an 11th grade history teacher, or the guy you’re not supposed to publicly admit to finding attractive, because all of your friends will automatically wrinkle their noses and respond, “Really?!”

But all weird crushes aside, we need to talk about Broken Bells. What isn’t a secret is the fact that whatever Danger Mouse touches turns to gold, but seriously, I can’t get “Holding On For Life” out of my head.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think: