Stolen Gear Alert – Help The Muggs!


Hi Tour Deatheaters,

Last night, legendary Detroit musician Tony DeNardo of The Muggs returned to his car to find that it had ransacked by thieves.

Tony explains: 

My car was broken into. I’m $4,000+ out of vintage equipment. (I know, ask me why I have that in my car at all times…the answer, I’m handicapped). The good news is, some of my items were tagged with The Muggs logo in one way or another. The thieves actually stole, among other expensive items, The Muggs’ t-shirt bag full of shirts (good luck reselling those!).

If you live in the Detroit area and happen to see any of the items below in a music shop or pawn shop, please contact Tony ASAP! If you don’t live in Detroit, but would still like to lend a hand, you can help The Muggs by scouring Craiglist and Ebay for the following stolen items:

1 Fender Rhodes 73 key Mark I (with a painted shell that says the Muggs)

1 Fender Rhodes Piano Bass (Ross, I’m so sorry)

1 Ampeg (1 x 12) Bass Cabinet

1 SWR 500 Bass Head

1 Brown Bag (4 Monster Cords, 1 Power Conditioner, 1 Ext. Cord, Tools, 1 Microphone w/cord, egg shakers, mini footballs that I used to light Danny & Todd up with on tour)

1 Muggs T-Shirt Bag – chalked full of awesome Muggs tees

-Several CD’s

– Blue Collar Boys & Eldorado Posters 

Thank you for your help!


Tour Death 

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