Tour Tools: Iggy Pop’s Epic Rider


Iggy Pop is famous for a number of things: fronting The Stooges, using peanut butter as body paint, inspiring electric eel-like dance moves, pioneering the stage dive, writing timeless songs, playing a fictional overprotective dad on The Adventures of Pete & Pete…but as of today, we can add “composing epic tour riders” to the list.

The Stooges‘ tour rider, which combines one part practicality to one part off-the-cuff stream of consciousness, is as funny as it is functional.

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Tour Tools: Foo Fighters’ Rider


Leave it to Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters to reinvent the age-old practice of drafting a tour rider. Citing their culinary demands in the form of a coloring book not only highlights the band’s sense of humor – a vegetarian soup of the day is requested, because as Grohl notes, “meaty soups make roadies fart,” but the creative list of necessities also stresses the importance of healthy eating on the road.

If you happen to catch the Foo Fighters on tour in a city near you from now through the end of the year, be sure not to invite Dave to “promoter pasta” night.

Special thanks to: The Foo Fighters

Images care of: The Smoking Gun

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