Tour Death on Facebook: Like, What?!!


Calling all Tumblrs!

We’re offering up the first ever Tour Death Do Us Part exclusive mixtape to any friends and fans who ”Like the Tour Death Facebook page through the month of January.

Bonus! – Tell your sister, tell your neighbor, tell your cat, tell your arch enemy, and tell your pen pal about the Tour Death Facebook page, because if you send five or more “likes” our way, we’ll personally allow you to submit a track for the mixtape. Neat! (You’ll just need to send us an e-mail or a Facebook message with the names of the five people you referred).

Oh, and for the record, we’re fellow likers, so let us know about your band, radio show, art collective, fan page, or hot dog eating contest, so we can like you back!

Words of Wisdom: Tim Robbins


“The first time I remember hearing this song, I was about five years old, at a hootenanny with my mother. I was sitting on her lap…her name was Mary, by the way, and she was really [belting this out]. This is a song about redemption and survival, so you have to sing loudly. When I told [my mom] we were about to go out on the road, she was so happy. She said to me, ‘Make those people sing with you.’ So I figured we could all sing along to this one, the words are pretty simple…”

-Tim Robbins – Tim Robbins and The Rogues Gallery Band