Tour Tools: Iggy Pop’s Epic Rider


Iggy Pop is famous for a number of things: fronting The Stooges, using peanut butter as body paint, inspiring electric eel-like dance moves, pioneering the stage dive, writing timeless songs, playing a fictional overprotective dad on The Adventures of Pete & Pete…but as of today, we can add “composing epic tour riders” to the list.

The Stooges‘ tour rider, which combines one part practicality to one part off-the-cuff stream of consciousness, is as funny as it is functional.

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Twiggy Pop


Exhibit A – Rock legend, cultural icon, The Adventures of Pete & Pete character, and shirtless wonder, Iggy Pop.

Exhibit BDior handbag.

Exhibit C – The photography portfolio of  Mikael Jansson.

The Verdict:

Although we were hoping this was an ad for a Project Runway skit gone awry, we can all agree on one thing…Iggy sure knows how to rock a cocktail dress!

Images care of: Buzzfeed

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