An Interview With Irvine Welsh


Bestselling author Irvine Welsh explains why rock & roll and a good book go hand in hand.

Steamrolling over the boundaries of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, Irvine Welsh writes stories that would make your mother blush. Best known for penning Trainspotting, Welsh revisits the silver screen with Ecstasy, a twisted tale that explores the euphoric highs and devastating lows of chemical dependency.

After a recent screening of Ecstasy in Toronto, Irvine Welsh sat down with Tour Death to discuss the music that inspires him to write.

Tour Death: What are some of your favorite bands and what have you been listening to lately?

Irvine Welsh: I’m always looking to music, because it helps me to construct [my] characters. I make up playlists for every character that I write about. I’ve been listening to a lot of British 80s music, because one of the characters I write [about] is very into that, but I’ve also been listening to a lot of country. I’ve got The Cure on one side and Brad Paisley on the other, trying to get into the heads of the characters through the music that they listen to.

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