Lollapalooza 2012 Line-up Announced!


Pack your bags, baby, we’re heading to Chicago.

Congratulations, Bonny Bear


Upon hearing that Bon Iver won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, we felt this perplexity could only be explained by jumping to one of the following conclusions:

1. It is still 2008.

2. The cryogenically frozen Grammy Award & Nomination Committee happened to thaw out on Saturday night, just in time to place their votes. 

3. Bon Iver’s Wikipedia page was down when the Grammy interns drafted up the Best New Artist ballots.

That was, until a linguistic misunderstanding revealed the reasonable explanation we were searching for. I hope Justin Vernon didn’t get too attached to those shiny little gramophones, because there’s a new sheriff in town. 

Meet the true 2012 Best New Artist: Bonny Bear.