What is Tour Death Do Us Part?

First and foremost, Tour Death functions as a platform to share tour tales, survival strategies, and authentic advice collected from the greatest bands in the world.  Our goal is to offer tips to touring artists, share resources, and provide an outlet for great music.


Lauren Mercury Roberts
Born ready to rock and rumble in the city of Detroit, Lauren Mercury Roberts has been earning her stripes in the music industry since her doe-eyed high school days.  After doing a “little of this and a little of that” for the likes of Sony Music, Live Nation, Universal, Metromix, and every weekly publication in town, she was inspired to carve out her own niche in the music journalism world. When Lauren isn’t documenting the trials and triumphs of traveling bands, she works as a professor of literature, hangs with her cat-kids (Wilco and Max), takes spontaneous road trips, and scours the airwaves (and webwaves) for new music.


Music critic, hairballer, bird watcher, best friend.

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